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Personalized Mentorship

At edzest, we believe in wholesome growth of individuals and businesses. That's why all our training programs come with personalized mentorship support, where we help you realize the outcomes for which you enrol in the training programs. Our Mentors will guide you right through Career development to Personal and Professional growth.  

For you, always!

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Specific Attention

Our mentors would discuss with you to understand your aspirations and guide you through the crests and troughs of your journey. From Career Development to Inter personal relationship building and leadership growth, our Mentors have proven experience in guiding people to achieve their fullest potential. 


Extended Support

Whether you want to discuss your career in Project Management, or General Leadership, or you want to discuss your personal ambitions, we are all eyes and ears. Through the combined experience of more than 50 years, we will cover the expanded horizon of your needs. 

Measurable Outcomes

We don't believe in preaching, we ensure that we provide actionable suggestions so that you can monitor, measure, and control your improvements. We will work with you throughout the review process to ensure progress.



Rishi Choudhury

An industry stalwart, Rishi has led numerous team and business unit in his professional experience spanning 25+ years. Through his consulting, he has helped over a dozen MSMEs and MNCs grow their business multi-folds

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Amit Chandan

A passionate project professional, Amit has over 12 years of experience managing projects across construction, mechanical, and software industries. He's trained more than 100 Project Managers in 21 countries in last 18 months.

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