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The choices we make, make us!

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"We are our choices"

Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre, known simply as Jean-Paul Sartre, was a French existentialist philosopher and pioneer, dramatist and screenwriter, novelist and critic. He was a leading figure in 20th century French philosophy.

What he said is indeed a fact, isn't it? We become what we choose. Our choices in life are the reasons for what we become and what we achieve. The freedom to choose and the embracement of the results of the good choices are the reasons for what humanity is today.

Do we imagine what would have happened to the world if Albert Einstein would have chosen to pursue arts or business not science?

It would have caused a huge loss for science as he changed the world with his groundbreaking scientific discoveries.


But what if we think about it the other way round.

We don't know what wonders and masterpieces of art a genius and highly intelligent mind like his, would have produced. We don't know what impact the ideas and thoughts of economics and business originating from his mind would have made.

So, the selection of our choices is the reason for what we achieve.

If we make the right choices, we reap the rewards. If we make a wrong choice, we face its consequences. It's valid in every field. Be it someone making career decisions or a corporation making business decisions. The most important thing remains the same - Selection of right choice.

In the modern world, where every institution and corporation are trying their best to leave others behind and where every creator is looking to create a masterpiece, the selection of right choice becomes a necessity. Although it is common to make mistakes and learn from them but, in a competitive world, everybody wants to hit it right in one go.

Creation, in itself, of anything, is a huge task and making the right choice while choosing what to create or how the new creation will help to make this world a better place, is a very important assessment a creator needs to make.

A creation or A product needs to be created just not for the sake of creation or production. There has to be a value that it brings in or serves a purpose.

In the world of businesses now, every product that gets launched, it does so because there is a purpose behind it.

source- freepik

In earlier times, when there wasn't much advancement in modern medical sciences, there were limited ways of treating diseases which led people to find themselves in a lot of pain and suffering. But as innovations and research lead to creation and findings of new life saving treatment methods and drugs, it helped humans to live well and long.

But in this process, every time a better method or drug was created, the old one would become less and less practiced or prescribed as there was a better one to serve the same purpose.

This is how humanity has become as developed and evolved as it is right now.

Each and every creation that has been done to make the world a better place or to serve a purpose with more efficiency, has served as a step of evolution.

The necessity for new creations and findings has been the reason for the drastic improvement of humanity. Every new product and project that have achieved success in this world because it served a purpose or an improvement.

source- freepik

Suppose a construction of a subway for a busy road is done by the local government to address the issues of increasing accidents while people are crossing the road but reports of accidents do not go down as much as expected by the local government. So, they posted a traffic police officer on that busy road and surprisingly, it did the work. The number of accidents came down drastically. So, was the project of construction of that subway a complete failure?

source- freepik

It wasn't, right? But it didn't solve the problem either. So, it needed a little more effort and a change in the way of handling the problem. It needed Optimization and Improvement. This policy goes everywhere and in every project. Be it a large corporation or institution or a small company or even a simple student with their school project. The need for optimization and improvement is always pushing us for more efficiency.

Nowadays, it's a need of the time to improve constantly and exponentially. Even if a product or a service working just fine and solving a problem efficiently, humans always tries it to make better and more efficient. The choice of improving anything is always there.

And this striving for improvement is what drives humanity to achieve perfection in every field, solving every problem, finding new ways, creations and discoveries.

Written by Souvik Karmakar

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